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Neighbor’s Air Conditioners & Climate Change
2 May 2022

Neighbor’s Air Conditioners & Climate Change

If we consider a machine that has been operating using the same technology since the day it was designed, “air conditioner” is a good example…

Willis Carrier introduced the first home air conditioner in 1926. If we showed him an air conditioner today and asked him to guess what it was, he wouldn’t fail. He can even easily explain how it works after examining it a bit. Even after 100 years, the main reason for this situation is that it is an unused tool in front of people’s eyes all the time and does not need to be developed enough… (We are talking about outdoor units in particular.)

The air conditioner outdoor units placed on the building facades, together with the indoor unit, provide thermal comfort sufficiently. It adjusts the heat and humidity it receives from the room we live in, using the outdoor air for the level we want. But, especially in summer;

  • Exposure to sunlight for a long time and heating of its own body along with the facade,
  • Neglecting the openings to receive sufficient fresh air,
  • And the fact that we mentioned above is the fact that the exhaust air that they leave to the atmosphere because they are arranged one after the other or side by side, is a serious problem.

Design Improvement & Bypass Air

You can get a highly efficient air conditioner, get your control method right or you can also solve the placement in the most correct location on the facade and indoors. But if you don’t deal with all of these with a holistic approach, the situation becomes meaningless. For this reason, perhaps the best solution may be to manage all the air conditioning through the plant. The fact that everyone produces their own solution creates a disadvantage for the solutions of others.

The temperature distributions in the images below are the temperatures on the fresh air intake surfaces of the air conditioners operating when the outside environment is 33C. While it should be an average of 33-34 C degrees in all, the increase in suction temperatures, especially towards the upper floors, is disadvantageous. An air conditioner that has to work all the time, and an uncomfortable extra consumption of electricity indoors…

When you click on the image, you can see how the hot air piles up on the upper floors from the video.