Climatic data analysis capability and measurement, numerical methods and their computing on the cloud base are offered as a special service in building physics by Alkazar.
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Who We Are

Who We Are

Alkazar Engineering

As a personal enterprise, it started to operate as a private company that could provide performance analysis services in line with the needs in the construction sector. The wind load in high-rise buildings and fire simulation services in closed spaces are the first studies applied on building scale. It has been during this time that the sectoral requirements for building performance analyzes have matured and the open source software infrastructure for computational methods has been completed.

Alkazar Engineering and Consulting Limited Company

In order to participate in EU and Tübitak projects and to switch to a hierarchical and corporate business model that will support public groups, Alkazar Engineering Company has started its limited company structure as of April 2017. With the academic consultancy that received from the universities, the company gained knowledge, developed customized software for different physics problems, and developed institutionalization through cloud-based solutions.

The project contents, which have been followed since 2017 regarding comfort and energy consumption in the spaces, have been supported by climate-based data analysis studies on a global scale. In addition, the fact that fire and evacuation modeling has gained validity in international projects on the risk and security side contributes to the growth of the company day by day. Thus, Alkazar Engineering and Consultancy services achieved a high dynamic in terms of technology with the analysis and software developed in the field of building physics.