Alkazar serves via computational fluid dynamics(Computational FluidDynamics CFD) method and has been established to serve the construction sector and the sidearms of it. Promotes the work of our company in this field, while visualizing many calculations, we offer our cilents to some advises using about high safety factor to reduce or demonstrate them at lower cost way for the solutions. Alkazar Engineering aims to be the right option during project planning to produce unforeseen circumstances or solution for the missing calculations . Be able to serve this purpose on behalf of the high level of knowledge and a dynamic team, closely followed technological developments, carrying out our work combining scientific methods.


Alkazar Engineering uses CFD method to solve some difficult physical problems. Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is the use of computers to solve mathematical equations that simulate the flow of fluids, heat transfer and other associated phenomena. (CFD modelling can be used to predict fire, smoke movement, heat, radiation, ventilation flow etc) The main advantage of using CFD for these procedures is that this can be carried out prior to installation of the ventilation system, providing confidence to all parties early in the project. It is much easier and cheaper to agree expectations and correct any problems at this stage than after testing upon completion of the installation.While Alkazar try to solve many different problems using appropriate cfd analysis program.


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